Thursday, March 28, 2013

Acting out the Resurrection

My favorite part of being a mom is teaching my little disciples about Jesus. I can't believe they are already 4 1/2, almost 3, and 7 months old. 

While we were eating breakfast this morning, I decided to read the Bible aloud to them. I chose to read it from the book of Luke 22-24 (from the Last Supper to the Resurrection.) I summarized some of the scripture, but explained it all to them. Yes, even the betrayal of Judas and Peter, the nails in Jesus' hands, carrying the heavy cross... I decided if they are old enough to watch a superhero movie, then they are old enough to know how Jesus died on the cross. Click here to see how I retold the story last year when they were younger.

After reading the scripture, we watched the story. This is the link to ordering it on Amazon, The Jesus Movie. It is an excellent movie. It tells the story from birth to the resurrection. Today, we just watched from the Last Supper to the end.

Now it was time to act it out...I pretended to be Jesus first since both of them were a little apprehensive. After we acted it out the first time, they both wanted a turn to be Jesus.
The tomb. We used a hula hoop for the large stone.

Wrapping Jesus in the linen after his death.

Closing the tomb.

Guarding the tomb.
The soldier fainting when he sees the Angel.
The empty tomb! He has risen!
Every time I teach my little disciples a story from the Bible, I learn with them and feel closer to God. Have a blessed Easter.


  1. I love how you acted it out, my kids would love that!


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    What did Peter preach?
    1. Peter preached that Jesus was a miracle worker. (Acts 2:22)
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