Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Teaching the Easter Story

Easter will be here in a month!  Now is the time to start teaching the story of the Resurrection!

This is how I retell the story to my little disciples:
When Jesus was on Earth, he helped many people.  But some people didn't like Jesus and they were mean to him.  They made him carry a cross and they hurt his hands and feet (I will be more specific as they get older).  That night he died so they put him in a tomb.  On the 3rd day, an angel came and rolled the stone away (my little disciples close their eyes while I get Jesus out of the tomb).  He was gone!  He went to Heaven.  Jesus has risen, he has risen indeed.  Alleluia!

Here are examples of the resurrection sets that I use while retelling the story:

This is from one of my favorite websites, catholicicing.com.  It is definitely worth your time to explore the website.  They have printable sets to use and all are free.  Go to Resurrection Set to print.

I bought this Empty Tomb set at deepershopping.com last year.  I also saw it on Ebay for a cheaper price:)
It comes with Jesus, an angel, and tomb.  I hot glued sticks together to make a cross.

We also made this easy craft that you can print off of the website, freefuneaster.com.

Story of the Resurrection Magnet Set is on my wishlist.  You can buy it at Christianbook.com (magnet set ). 

My favorite book to read to my little disciples is Baby's First Easter.  It tells the story perfectly for little kids.
Please share in the comments below how you teach your little disciples about Jesus' resurrection.  Happy Easter!


  1. These are wonderful resources, Kaylee! I think I will get that book for Emery & Elle and I am excited to print some activities, too. Thanks!

    1. Great to hear! You will love the book!

  2. Another fun idea is "resurrection rolls" -- use a marshmellow as Jesus. Explain how his disciples cleaned his body with oils and perfumes, and have the children roll the marshmellows in cinnamon and butter. Explain how they put him safely in the tomb, and have the children roll up the marshmellows in pillsbury crescent rolls. When you bake them, the marshmellow will melt. The children will be wondering, "where did Jesus go?!" and you can say - I guess he resurrected!