Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jesus Heals the Blind Man

Before we read aloud the Bible story, I wanted to teach my kids what "blind" meant.  We started off with a mini game.
Sense of Touch game:  fill a bag with a variety of items
Using only the sense of touch, guess what each item is in the bag.  Questions to ask: How did you know what it was?  What does if feel like?  Would it be easier if you could see it?  If we could use our eyes, how would this game be easier? 

Next, I tied a bandana around their eyes so my little disciples could see what it would be like to be blind.  They both didn't like it.  I pretended to be blind and they guided me around the house.  They learned quickly that they would rather be the one helping than the one who was blind.

 Eating blind

Jesus Heals the Man Who Was Born Blind - John 9

I got this idea from the blog, When You Rise.  After reading the story aloud in my bible, we retold the story using stick people and mud.

I created my own documents for everyone to print and use.  Just add the mouth and a popsicle stick.
Yes, I forgot to add the mouth before I took the picture:)
I waited to do this on a nice day because I didn't want to bring the mud inside my house.  You will need a bowl for the dirt and a bowl for the water.
Mix the water and dirt to create mud.
Jesus spread the mud over the blind man's eyes.
He told him, "go wash yourself in the water."

So the man went and washed and came back seeing!
Keep the stick people to retell for future use!  Enjoy!


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