Saturday, February 4, 2012

Disciple's Little Home

Last Christmas, our 3 year old disciple asked for a little house.  So I started searching the internet on mini houses and tents to buy.  Then I came across two wonderful ideas I found on pinterest. The first one is from Angry Julie Monday.  She posted all of the dimensions of the PVC pipe and how to build it.
This is the frame of the house made out of PVC pipe that my wonderful husband built.  I could have easily thrown several sheets or blankets over it, but I enjoy sewing and having "projects."  The next blog I found on pinterest was Sweetest Littles.  She sewed the perfect little house and I based my ideas from hers.  I had a lot of my Grandma's fabric that I have been wanting to use since she passed away and I thought this is the perfect sewing project to use it on. 

A window and flowers on each side of the tent.

Pockets on the inside of the house to store toys.

Christmas morning.  They were so excited they couldn't stop jumping and running!

This house can easily be stored under a bed and it takes no time to put it up.  We have eaten lunch and dinner in it several times.  I am excited to try a "sleepover" in the house, but I think I'll wait until they are a little older.  This house is definitely worth the time and effort to make.  It's something we'll keep forever.

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