Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cross made from a Paper Tube

This craft is similar to the Cross made from PVC Pipe.  My 3-year-old disciple really wanted me to hang the PVC pipe cross in her bedroom, but I wanted it in the kitchen...so we compromised and she got to make her own for her bedroom.  This cross is made from a wrapping paper tube, glue, and glitter. 
Measure every 1/2 inch on a paper tube (I used a wrapping paper tube because it's thicker.)

Cut on measured line.
Gather all the pieces together.

Dip each piece in the glue...
...then the glitter.

Let the pieces dry.
Glitter is so pretty!  Don't be scared of it!

I hot glued the pieces together after we created different designs.  These are all of the designs we came up with.  The cross was my favorite so that is what I hung in her bedroom.