Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Boy and Girl Bedroom

Two more months until our 3rd little disciple will arrive. My husband and I have been organizing our house and preparing our kids for the exciting arrival in August. Our two oldest will be sharing a bedroom and we wanted to give them plenty of time to "practice." It wasn't easy decorating for a 2 year old boy and 3 year old girl, but we love the way it turned out.

My daughter's bed. (I sewed these pillows several years ago, they looked pretty good on her bed so I'm going to keep them)
My son's bed.

Thank you Pinterest for this idea! We bought shelving hardware to make room for their hampers. It saves space and both the kids can sort their own clothes this way.
The corner.
We hung an extra bar in their closet so they both have their own hanging clothes. We also put in a shoe rack and on the other side are more shelves for more clothes. There is still a lot of room on the top shelf for more organizing for when we need it!
BEFORE                                   AFTER
I sewed a small curtain on a small inexpensive curtain rod.

I think the curtain makes the shelf look less cluttered.

BEFORE                        AFTER
I used Fabric Markers and drew the red lines. I thought it still looked too plain, so my daughter gladly drew scribbles around the rest of the lampshade.

So happy with the finished bedroom!

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  1. I have a boy/girl room as well, just not quite decorated yet.

    Those hampers are genius!